The DC Doulas for Choice Collective is a DC-based, volunteer-led-and-run, pro-choice organization that seeks to provide doula care to people across the full spectrum of reproductive health, pregnancy, and choice.

The Collective began in 2011 with a group of pro-choice birth doulas and reproductive justice advocates who believe that people seeking abortions may desire and benefit from the same type of patient-centered, non-judgmental physical and emotional support that doulas traditionally provide to people during labor and birth.

We specialize in working with those who are seeking abortion for any reason, choosing adoption, or anyone who would otherwise be unable to access birth support due to economic barriers.

As pro-choice doulas, we believe that all people should have access to the information, support, and resources necessary to make informed decisions regarding their reproductive health and well-being. We believe that when people are faced with medical situations that may be uncomfortable, stigmatizing, tragic, or frightening.  Access to non-judgmental support, like the care offered by doulas, benefits people by equipping them with pain management tools, emotional support, and information about their pregnancies, bodies, and procedures. Doulas not only work with clients to make them feel as safe and physically comfortable as possible, they also help to validate the client’s experiences and choices on the client’s terms.

We are committed to providing doula services to people in the District of Columbia (and surrounding area) across the spectrum of their reproductive lives. In particular, we seek to recognize the multiple barriers to quality reproductive health services facing people of all backgrounds, but especially people of color, low-income people, youth, and LGBT-identified people, by making our services equally accessible to all.

Please email dcdoulasforchoice@gmail.com to learn more about our availability and services.