Clinics & Providers

Services for Clinics

Our collective is always interested in partnering with clinics and providers in DC and the surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia to provide doula services for patients seeking abortion. If your clinic is interested in learning more about our work, please email us at

Doulas can offer:

  • Emotional support to patients before, during, and after procedures
  • Pain management techniques
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • A soothing presence
  • Information about the procedure
  • A calm, knowledgeable guide

Services are provided before, during, and after the following procedures:

  • D&Cs (1st trimester), D&Es (2nd trimester)
  • Laminaria placements
  • Medical inductions
  • KCl injection
  • Medical terminations

In addition to directly supporting clients seeking doula care, we may also be able to offer support to doctors, clinics, social workers, and other staff members by offering sensitivity training and in-service presentations about abortion care and how better to support patients through that process.