Exciting News and Updates!

We are pleased to announce that the DC Doulas for Choice Collective has proudly partnered with two area clinics that provide full spectrum reproductive health services to client-patients in the Washington DC area. That said, we are looking to submit proposals to additional clinics in the neighboring clinics in nearby areas. If you know or are affiliated with a clinic that could benefit from our volunteer services, please let us know!

Additionally, comrades from the Doula Project in New York will be coming down to train us in early January. Shortly thereafter, we will go through the training processes for the individual clinics and begin providing services. New year, new connections, new volunteers – it’s all very exciting!

Finally, if you are interested in donating to the DC Doulas for Choice Collective, please email us at dcdoulasforchoice@gmail.com for more information. We are funded entirely through donations and our fundraising efforts. We would be greatly appreciative of any money you can comfortably contribute. No amount is too small!


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